1702 Beard Oil - 2 fl oz
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THE NEW BEARD STANDARD - The new beard oil your brother will steal, your wife will beg you to wear and everyone else ask you “what are you wearing and where do I get it?” 

THE STORY - Mobile was established in 1702 as the first capital of colonial La Louisiane by a pair of French brothers and remains Alabama’s only saltwater port. This scent from Thrice is reminiscent of the clean waters and bright future the brothers saw in the Port City. A fresh, light fragrance and feel make 1702 the perfect addition to the Mobile line of oils

FIX YOUR DRY ITCHY BEARD TODAY - Thrice beard oil is custom formulated to create a lightweight, low shine beard oil. It’s fast drying, absorbing into your beard and skin quickly, getting rid of dry itchy hair and helping prevent flaky skin by moisturizing the skin too. 

PERFECT FOR ALL FACIAL HAIR - Whether you keep a 5 o'clock shadow, rock a handlebar mustache, just starting your bearded journey or have a beard that would make a viking jealous, you can benefit from Thrice.

SENSITIVE SKIN? - We created Thrice to condition beards and tackle the most sensitive skin issues. It’s 100% plant based and nut free that performs all day long keeping your beard healthy, soft and manageable throughout the day without feeling greasy like some other products.

SATISFIED? - If she isnt in love with how soft your beard is and isn’t head over heels, get in contact with us for an exchange or a refund.

DIRECTIONS - Shake well before use. 

Pour a dime sized amount into your hands and work beard oil into beard and all the way to the skin. (Amount used can depend on length of facial hair. More extreme climates could require more use.)

Use a comb or brush to help distribute throughout beard.  Use daily.

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