For some time after growing my beard, I never really thought too much about "grooming" it. I mean, a beard by clear definition can stop bullets and bear attacks right? But after several months of no trimming, improper cleaning, and zero conditioning, my unkemptness caught up with me. My skin was dry, breaking out, and flaking underneath the coarse, brittle hairs of the wreck I called a beard.  The overwhelming itching and irritating dryness drove me to look for a solution--anything that didn't involve shaving it all off.

    I started researching more about beard oil -what's in them, what they do, how you apply them. I purchased a few that didn't fit me personally, and none that provided the relief I was looking for.  So I decided to try my hand at making my own. A lot of trial and error went into creating something I liked; and in that process, Thrice was born. I never originally intended for this to turn into a business, but 18 months later I had created something I personally loved and realized this is something I could actually enjoy doing for a living. I had solved my dry skin and hair issues, and realized I wasn't the only one with these types of problems.

Thrice is a premium men’s grooming brand, focused on a creating a clean and distinguished look and feel. We only use natural products to solve the problems we face with our beards--and, of course, having them smell great in the process.

We are not defined by our beards, but they are an extension of our personality. Thrice is an extension of my personality.