Beard oils have exploded in popularity as facial hair has become more prevalent and socially acceptable.  While beard oils are certainly a trending product these days, the ingredients that make a great beard oil have been around for years, but have recently been spotlighted as skin and hair products.

    Carrier oils are the primary ingredients in beard oils. An ideal beard oil uses carrier oils to mimic the natural properties of the oil produced by our skin.  There are a multitude of carrier oils to choose from that specifically have great skin and hair benefits. Argan, Jojoba, and Grapeseed moisturize the hair follicles and skin, which keeps the beard soft and manageable. Carrier oils can promote beard growth by keeping your pores clean. If your pores are clogged, it can inhibit growth

    Essential oils deliver the unique scent of the Thrice blends. A high quality essential oil is a pure, highly concentrated oil distilled from plants, flowers, or trees. Only a very small amount of these highly potent oils are needed, as they are highly concentrated and some could actually irritate the skin. The carrier oils dilute the harshness of the pure essential oils, while still maintaining their natural benefits.  However, always test a small amount of any oil on your skin before applying to your beard .