•  Shake the bottle well before every use. Some carrier and essential oils are heavier than others and will settle to the bottom of the bottle resulting in a less than optimal performance .
    • The stopper in the top of your bottle is for shipping purposes only to prevent any spillage. Please remove before use. 
    • You'll see the best performance from Thrice beard oil when you've just stepped out of the shower as your skin is clean, and your pores are open to accept the oil better. Gently towel off your beard leaving it slightly damp.
    • Start off by pouring a dime sized amount of oil into the palm of your hand. Put your hands together to even distribute it between your palms and start massaging the oil into your beard. Make sure you get to the skin as well as through out your beard. (If you have dry skin problem areas as most of us do, take some extra time to make sure the oil penetrates well into those areas keeping it moisturized. 
    • How much to use depends on the length and fullness of your beard. You might need more if you are in a extremely hot or cold climate, and may need to reapply during the day if you suffer from dry skin problems like I do.
    • Using a high quality boar bristle brush will help evenly distribute the beard oil and get it close to the skin (I personally use a boar bristle brush exclusively for my beard).
    • If you have the bad habit of touching your beard as I do (it's a nervous habit of mine I admit), stop, because you're constantly stripping the oils out of your beard and unnecessarily pulling hair out.
    •  Last, please test your oil out first to make sure you don't have any reactions, as you should with anything you put on your face. Test on the back of your hand or elbow before applying to beard full force.