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We all have that friend(s) we would do anything for. Pick them up in the middle of the night, let them borrow your truck or bail them out of jail without a question. 

           It's your best friend. Your bro. Your guy. Your dude

We need these relationships. We are only as great as the people around us. They put us in check when we're wrong and their to lean on when we need to vent. 

"No Shave Movember" was traditionally created to start a conversation about cancer among men by not shaving for 30 days but has morphed over the years into a movement for men. 

Each November, the conversation leans more into mental health among men, young and old. With good reason too as it's a topic that is still relatively new and is confusing and hard to detect among anyone. 

The traditional "Alpha Male" so many guys try to emulate is a "man's man". He is self sufficient, tough, hard working, never complains and does what is necessary. 

While those are go to traits for men to follow, we shouldn't hide or suppress our other traits. 

We no longer have to prevent animals or other villages from killing our loved ones. We do not have to battle in the streets of our cities. We do not have to travel long distances daily for food for our families. 

(Quick shout out of respect to ALL military who DO fight those battles and protect our great nation)

We can have a job, pick up some groceries and just make sure the cars and house is locked up each night. We do not need to be warriors for survival any longer. 

We can be scared about something, upset and not have all the answers. That's why it's so important to have those great friends in your life. One will have the answers, one will have gone through what you have gone through. One will just be a great listener. 

So for Black Friday through Cyber Monday, the entire Thrice site is BOGO (Buy One Get One) FREE. Buy one for yourself, and give some to a fellow bearded dude. Just tell him thanks for being a friend (Que Golden Girls theme song) 

You don't have to say it directly. Tell him Merry Christmas, buy him a beer or punch him in the gut. 

He'll get it. 



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Dec 10, 2020

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