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What Makes Your Beard Itch?


We've all experienced overwhelming frustration of "the itch" when growing a beard .

Your beard itches for several reasons, the main one being dry skin and hair. Individual follicles act as a wick, drawing nutrients and moisture out of the skin to nourish themselves. Once the skin is dry, it could begin to flake and even crack. The follicles become brittle, develop split ends and sometimes break.

Another reason for "the itch" can be ingrown hairs that unfortunately come along with growing out a beard.  Keeping the beard bristles moisturized and maintained can help prevent this annoying but inevitable side effect of beard growth.  

The carrier and essential oils used in the Thrice Beard Oil blends are 100% natural.  Using Thrice beard oil daily will keep the pores clean and moisturized, preventing dry skin from flaking and your beard from becoming coarse and brittle.  The result is a smooth look and a much more enjoyable beard growing experience.







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